The Best Online Lotteries In India 2023

Do you want to play the world's most lucrative lotteries and get a chance to win life-changing multi-million jackpots? We have listed Indian lotto sites at which you can play the best international lotteries directly from your phone using local payment methods and currency. is the leading expert site for anything related to playing online lottery in India. Through careful testing and reviewing, we provide unbiased reviews and accurate information about the market's top lotto sites. Moreover, we use our industry connections to negotiate exceptionally generous bonuses that you can only get through us. Explore these great offers and play the online lotteries!

Top Online Lottery Sites In India September 2023

How Online Lottery India Sites Work

Online lottery sites give you the chance to play multi-million jackpot lotteries from all four corners of the world from your computer or smartphone.

Instead of buying a physical lottery ticket from a local lotto office, you purchase an online ticket at your chosen lottery site. The lottery site will then purchase a physical lottery ticket on your behalf and charge the lotto provider a service fee.

This is how it works:

Online lotteries are incredibly popular, and with an increasing number of Indians showing an interest in online lotto, some leading brands have lotteries and websites specifically aimed at the Indian audience.

This means that you can play in local currency and purchase tickets with popular Indian payment methods such as Paytm and Phonepe. On some sites, you can even read about the different lotteries and check results in Hindi. These local banking payment methods are excellent options for buying an online lottery ticket India.

How To Buy An Online Lottery Ticket in India

  • Register with one of our recommended lotto sites.
  • Go to the cashier and make a deposit using your preferred payment method.
  • Choose a lottery you wish to play and pick your numbers, just as you would at the lotto office. You can play several tickets if you like.
  • Add your ticket to the cart and complete the purchase with your preferred payment method.
  • You receive an email receipt, and a scanned copy of the ticket appears in your account.
  • Check-in after the draw to see your results. Some lottery sites will even send you a text message when you win.
  • When you win, a representative collects the prize on your behalf and transfers the win to your account. When you win a larger prize, you may have to collect it yourself from an official lottery claim centre. In such circumstances, the lottery site ensures you receive the original physical ticket shortly after the draw. You may have to collect jackpot prizes directly from the official lottery headquarters.

Our Top Indian Online Lotteries


Lottoland is arguably the world's largest online lottery, and the site currently holds the record for the largest win ever paid out. A lucky German player, Christina, bagged a whopping €90 million (₹704.1 Crore) jackpot when she played the Euro Millions lottery on her smartphone!

Lottoland offers an impressive selection of lotto games, and with, the company has created a lotto site specifically for Indian players. Here, you can read game rules and results in Hindi and see all ticket prizes, jackpots and wins in local currency. You will also find Indian-themed lotteries like the Malamaal Daily and Sambad Plus.


Lotto247 is another great site with lotteries from across the world. The site is fully localised to Hindi, and you can play all the major international jackpot lotteries. This site also offers exciting promos such as discounts, cashback bonuses, freebies and money-back policies. If you play lotto regularly, Lotto247 is definitely a site you want to check out.


LottoSmile is an Indian lottery site created by TheLotter - an established operator that has been around since 2002. The site has more than 45 international lotteries, including the world's largest international jackpots. Lastly, Lottosmile has an interesting cashback policy on certain lotteries and a VIP programme.

The Biggest International Lottery Jackpots

One of the biggest perks of playing lotto online is that you can participate in the world's largest and most lucrative lotteries.

With players from all corners of the world chipping in and buying tickets, international lotto jackpots reach astronomical amounts. Moreover, user-friendly websites and lottery apps make it incredibly easy to check a jackpot lottery result.

Here are the most popular international lottery jackpots:

US Powerball

US Powerball

With a record win of $1.586 Billion (₹11,480 Crores) and several wins exceeding half a billion USD (₹3,560 Crores), US Powerball offers the largest prize winnings in the world.

Draws take place on Thursday and Sunday mornings in India, and you win the coveted jackpot by matching all five main numbers and the PowerBall number. There are also eight additional prize tiers with significantly higher odds.

To play US Powrrball, you choose five numbers from 1 to 69 and a PowerBall number from 1 to 26. You can also choose the PowerPlay option to multiply non-jackpot winnings up to 10x. PowerBall tickets start at ₹300.

US Mega Millions

US Mega Millions

US Mega Millions is a multi-state super-lottery - and with a jaw-dropping record of $1.537 billion (around ₹10,900 Crores), it currently holds the record of paying out the second-largest jackpot of all time.

Draws take place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in local time. To win the maximum jackpot, you must match 5 out of 7 numbers and a Gold Ball number ranging from 1 to 25.

Lastly, there is the optional Megaplier feature. If you buy this extra feature, an extra ball from 1 to 5 is drawn and applied as a multiplier to all non-jackpot wins.

Euro Millions

Euro Millions

EuroMillions is Europe's most popular lottery draw. You choose five numbers from 1 to 5 and two additional numbers from 1 to 12.

A single line will cost you ₹240, and you can also play the DoubleJackpot at ₹480. If you buy the DoubleJackpot and hit the jackpot, you win twice as much.

Contrary to the American lotteries, the EuroMillions jackpot is capped at €200 million (roughly ₹1,570 Crores). Once the jackpot is reached, five more draws take place, after which the jackpot resets to €17 million (approx. ₹130 Crores) and the cap increases by €10 million (approximately ₹80 Crores).

The EuroMillions draw takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 00:00 am IST.

Government Lottery In India

Private lotteries are illegal in India. However, government lotteries have been around since 1967, and the Indian government allows each state government to set up its own games.

Consequently, the following 13 states have lotteries:

Most government lotteries are only available in each state, but some cover several states. Tickets are sold by street vendors and easy to come by; however, you cannot choose numbers as each ticket is part of a series with the slips printed beforehand. You cannot play these lotteries online as there is currently no legal online lottery in India.

Out of these 13 Indian state lotteries, these are the two most popular ones:

Kerala Lotteries

The Kerala State Lottery is the most popular Indian government lottery and also the one that earns the most money. There are several lotteries, many of which fund state welfare programmes. Draws are held every day at 03:00 pm.

Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad is India's largest lottery. This lottery is held in several states, and there are three draws every day of the week. The morning draw is held at 11:55 am in Nagaland, the afternoon draw at 04:00 pm in West Bengal and the evening draw at 08:00 pm in Nagaland. Tickets cost ₹6, and you can win up to ₹31 Lakhs.

Finding The Best Lottery App

Contrary to online casinos, lotto sites often have apps. For example, well-known online lotto sites such as LottoSmile and Lottoland have apps for Android and occasionally even iOS.

When you buy tickets through a lottery app, you can benefit from exclusive offers and lotteries exclusive to the app.

As Google Play Store does not allow gambling apps, you have to download lotto Android apps directly from the lotto website. However, lottery apps for iOS are available in the App Store.


Yes, it is. There are no laws that prohibit you from playing online lotteries through lotto sites that are registered overseas. In other words, there is no local legal online lottery in India - you can only play with lotto sites that are registered outside the country.

Simply register with our recommended online lotto sites and click on the lottery you wish to play. Next, fill out your numbers on the virtual lotto ticket and add the ticket to your cart. Then, complete the purchase using your preferred payment method to buy an online lottery ticket India.

No, you cannot. Currently, none of India's 13 state lotteries are available online. Therefore, you must purchase a physical lotto ticket from a lotto office or street vendor to play these lotteries. You can, however, check the results online. However, you can check our recommended lotto sites to play free online lottery in India.

The US Powerball has the world's largest lotto jackpot. This lucrative lottery has paid out numerous jackpots exceeding $0.5bn (₹3,560 Crores) and currently holds the record for the largest lotto win ever paid at $1.5bn (₹11,480 Crores)

As long as you stick to licensed and reputable lotto sites, you have nothing to worry about. At, we only list Indian lotto sites licensed by trusted licensing bodies and regularly audited by independent third parties.

Through lotto sites such as Lottoland and Lottosmile, you get access to the world's largest jackpot lotteries from any Indian state. You can purchase lottery tickets directly from your phone and get notified with results after each draw.

It is hard to say as there are many sites to choose from. However, US Powerball, US Mega Millions and Euro Millions are unquestionably the world's most popular online lotteries. All these lotteries have incredible jackpots that quickly reach astronomical amounts. If you want to play free online lottery in India, we suggest you look for Lotto sites offering these games as well as bonuses.

When you win, the lotto site will physically collect the winning ticket on your behalf from the lotto provider and transfer the win to your account.

When you win larger amounts, the lotto sites may have the winning ticket delivered to you so that you can claim the win yourself at an official lottery claim centre.

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