Chikoti Praveen Makes Attempt To Join BJP Party

Anil Panesar - Senior WriterAnil Panesar - 19 September 2023 in News
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Hyderabad's prominent casino manager, Chikoti Praveen, is no stranger to controversy due to his deep roots in the gambling sector both in India and abroad - just a few months ago we discussed Chikoti Praveen’s arrest in Thailand in our news blog. Recently, as the Telangana assembly elections draw near, he expressed a keen interest in joining the ranks of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

However, his aspirations have been met with resistance, as a number of party bigwigs express apprehension over his past actions. Before Praveen made his intentions public, he initiated a dialogue with the Telangana BJP president and Union minister, G Kishan Reddy. The aim of their discussion was to explore the possibility of Praveen's entry into the party.

The Grand Procession and the BJP's Non-Response

Buoyed by this interaction, Praveen organised a significant procession from the Karmanghat temple to the BJP's primary office located in Nampally after offering his respects to Lord Hanuman. Yet, his enthusiasm was soon dampened upon his arrival at the party office. He found that, to his astonishment, none of the senior BJP leaders, including Reddy, were present to welcome him. Left to manage the situation on his own, Praveen hinted to the press that perhaps a communication mishap had occurred between him and the party's leadership.

Praveen's Reaction on Social Media

By the following day, Praveen, seemingly undeterred, took his case to social media. Through a video message, he insinuated that there might be elements within the BJP who felt threatened by his presence and were therefore acting as roadblocks to his admission. With a tone of defiance, he asserted that no amount of underhand political tactics would dissuade him from his ambitions.

Internal Resistance to Praveen's Induction

However, it's not just the party's rank and file that seem hesitant about Praveen's proposed induction. Sources from within the BJP's state headquarters have indicated that many members from the LB Nagar assembly constituency, where Praveen plans to contest, have voiced significant objections to his potential inclusion. Some have even gone to the extent of threatening to step down from their roles if he's welcomed into the party's fold.

Reinforcing this sentiment, the party's higher-ups, like Prakash Javadekar, who is in charge of Telangana BJP matters, and the former state BJP president, Bandi Sanjay, have also voiced their reservations.

Controversial Incidents in Praveen's Past

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Praveen's past is filled with a series of contentious incidents. A recent example is when he faced the ire of the Gajwel police in July for spearheading a rally that went against established prohibitory orders due to concerns of communal unrest. This rally, organised to pay homage to the Maratha leader Shivaji after alleged desecration of his statue, landed Praveen in hot water.

Furthermore, in May, during a visit to Thailand, Praveen found himself ensnared in a casino raid, leading to his eventual deportation to India. In his defence, he stated that he was at the hotel merely on an invitation and was unaware of any ongoing gambling activities.

Moreover, another incident in July 2023 saw the Chatrinaka police in Hyderabad taking action against him for employing security personnel who were armed with unsanctioned weapons. He was, however, able to secure bail promptly following the charge.

What’s Next Remains to be Seen

With all these developments, the trajectory of Praveen's political ambitions remains uncertain, and observers await further turns in this unfolding drama.

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