Illegal Casino Bust In Meerut Results In 43 Arrests

Anil Panesar - Senior WriterAnil Panesar - 22 July 2022 in News
Icc News Article Week 29 2022

Recently, another illegal gambling ring has been unearthed. This bust took place in the Partapur area of Meerut. Read on below to see what was uncovered in yet another illegal casino bust.

What Was Found in The Meerut Bust

The illegal casino was being run from Octri Marriage Home in Partapur. In the bust, police arrested a total of 43 people. This included 9 women. The police were also able to confiscate Rs 6 lakh in cash.

According to the SSP (senior superintendent of police), Rohit Sing Sajwan, three of the arrested people were already linked to a gambling racket. The group had been linked to hosting similar events in Goa as well as Dehradun.

How The Legalization Of Gambling Could Help Solve The Problem

For decades, India has been debating the gambling laws of its constitution. Recently, it was announced that all gambling houses, from race tracks to offshore casinos, would have to pay the higher 28% tax that online casinos do. However, the laws of gambling still seem to be completely defined.

By legalizing the practice, the Indian government could help curb the rise of illegal casinos. Furthermore, by mapping out well-defined laws, the government will be safeguarding the public against lawless gameplay at illegal establishments.

Another perk of legalizing the industry in more areas is the economic boost it would bring. The more establishments in operation, the more tax being paid to the government. Furthermore, the creation of more gambling sites would increase job opportunities within the areas in question.

However, it seems as though the end is nowhere in sight for the legalization of gambling within India. For the time being, players who wish to avoid the questionable activity of illegal casinos should stick to playing online.

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