NetEnt New Slot: Space Wars 2 Powerpoints

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NetEnt is one of the best online casino software providers. Recently it has announced the launch of its latest game, Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot. Read on below now for all you need to know about this new game.

About NetEnt Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot

Here is a quick break down about the key points of the slot:

Software Provider NetEnt
Theme Space
Release Date 30 June 2022
RTP 92%
Max Win 10020.00x
Min Bet 0.20
Max Bet 100
Progressive Jackpot No
Game Type Video Slot
Paylines Cluster Pays
Reels 6
Rows 6
Wilds Yes
Free Spins Yes

Space Wars was a popular slot, released by NetEnt in 2013. Even though this is the sequel to the original slot, there isn’t much in common between the two. Bar the obvious name and space theme, Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot brings fresh new additions to the table.

We will discuss these new additions, and more about the slot, below.


The theme of this slot is set to the backdrop of space. Your reels appear over what seems to be a foreign planet, with floating rocks hovering at random.

However, when your free spins bonus round is activated, you are taken into outer space, with the view of a planet in the background. The symbols even match the space theme. Your reels will be littered with various aliens, planets, and gems.

The music of the slot matches the theme. There is an upbeat, adventure-style backtrack. This is complemented with sound effects fit for a space station. You can expect to hear rocket blasts, laser bursts, and more.

Special Features Of The Space Wars 2 Powerpoints Slot

As previously mentioned, this new game comes with a ton of updated and additional features. We will discuss thee below:


Powerpoints are an accumulation of points earned by making winning combinations. The points are tallied in the Powerpoints meter to the left of the reels.

The higher your level on the meter rises, the higher your win multiplier becomes. Another function of the Powerpoints is the trigger of the bonus game. You need to reach 1000 Powerpoints to enter the free spins game.

The Blaster

The Blaster feature is particularly fun. This feature applies to both horizontal and vertical wins. If you manage to land a four-symbol horizontal or vertical winning line, the Column Blaster symbol will appear.

This is a little gun that appears after the four symbols have been removed. The gun will then shoot out a laser beam across either the row or the column. This will destroy all symbols within the row or column.

This feature will destroy any symbol apart from a wild, or special feature symbol. This symbol can appear in both the base game and the free spins game. Any symbols destroyed will contribute to the Powerpoints meter.

The Zapper

The Zapper symbol will appear when you match either 5 or 6 of the same symbol in the base game. It appears as a small metallic orb on your reels and shoots out what looks like an electrical current.

If you create a Zapper with 5 symbols, the Zapper will remove 1 to 4 different types of base symbols from the reels. If you create a Zapper with 6 symbols, the Zapper will remove 3 to 4 types of base symbols from the reels.

In the free spins game, the Zapper will appear when you make a match of 5, 6, 7, or 8 symbols.

The Bomb

If you create a win with both matching horizontal AND vertical symbols, the Bomb symbol will appear. This is a small, silver spherical bomb that detonates, destroying itself and any surrounding symbols.

If a Bomb destroys a multiplier wild, it will multiply the accumulated Powerpoints from the spin. All wins accrued from the Bomb will be added to your Powerpoints meter.

The Wilds

In the base game, a wild symbol will appear when you match three symbols. The wild looks like a little spaceship, with the letter W in red on the front. The wild will then match any missing symbol (apart from special symbols) to create winning combinations.

In the free spins game, the wilds also hold multipliers. You could receive a multiplier of:

  • x2
  • x3
  • x4
  • x5
  • x10
  • x25

If any multiplier wild contributes to a winning combination, the Powerpoints earned will be multiplied by its value.

Special Combinations

Not only do the special symbols contribute to your game by themselves, but they also create combinations:

The Bomb Blaster: this combo occurs when a Bomb symbol and a Blaster land side by side. If you were awarded a vertical Blaster, three columns of symbols will be destroyed by the Blaster gun. If you received a horizontal Blaster, three rows of symbols will be removed by the gun.

The Bomb Zapper: this combination occurs when the Bomb symbol appears next to the Zapper symbol. When this happens, 3 to 4 different base symbol groups will all be converted into Bombs. The Zapper will then also convert into a Bomb. All the Bombs will then detonate, leaving you with big wins and Powerpoints.

The Zapper Blaster: this combination is formed when a Blaster and a Zapper symbol appear side by side. This will cause 1 to 3 different base symbol groups to convert into horizontal and vertical Zapper symbols.

None of these combinations will affect any special symbols when detonated.

Bonus Game

As previously mentioned, the bonus game is launched when 1000 or more Powerpoints have been collected. The amount of points awarded is determined by the amount of Powerpoints gathered.

When the bonus round is launched, your reels will increase to 8 rows. You can win additional free spins within this game.

The Buy Feature

If you’re unwilling to wait for 1000 Powerpoints, you can also buy free spins. You will be able to purchase 8 free spins for 75x your bet, 12 free spins for 140x your bet or 16 free spins for 250x your bet.

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