Sachin Tendulkar Takes Action Against Big Daddy Casino

Anil Panesar - Senior WriterAnil Panesar - 17 March 2022 in News

Recently, famous cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar has been batting off unwanted attention. His likeness was morphed and used without his consent by land-based Goa casino, Big Daddy.

Recently, the star took to Twitter, stating the following:

"It has come to my notice that there are multiple ads being shown on social media platforms, with a morphed photo showing me endorsing a casino."

So, what is being done regarding this issue?

Tendulkar To Take Legal Steps Against Big Daddy

During his time as an Indian cricketer, Tendulkar certainly rose to stardom. It is commonplace for celebs in India to endorse certain products. For example, fellow Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli’s likeness has been used on the production of a certain energy drink.

However, as per his Twitter statement, Tendulkar has never

"…endorsed gambling, tobacco or alcohol - directly or indirectly, in an individual capacity. It pains to see that my images are being used to mislead people…"

This suggests that the land-based establishment in Goa used the star’s likeness without his authorization. As such, legal action will need to be taken to rectify this infringement.

In the Tweet released by the cricketer last month, he stated that his legal team would, in fact, be taking the required action against Big Daddy.

While there are no defined laws specifically for personality rights within India, there are various statutory provisions in place which the team will be able to utilize:

  • Article 21 of the Constitution of India: Right to Life
  • Copyright Act 1957
  • Section 14 of the Indian Trademarks Act, 1999

All of these provisions above protect individuals against the use and distribution of their likeness.

Positive News For Sachin Tendulkar

Although his legal team are currently undergoing the rectification of this difficult situation, this hasn’t stopped the cricket star from making good news in the meanwhile.

Recently, Tendulkar invited the mini cricket internet star, SK Shahid, to train at his Middlesex Global Academy for five days.

About Shahid And His Viral Journey

Five-year-old Shahid made international news a few weeks ago, when a video of his batting practice went viral. Shahid’s parents had recorded the young cricket whizz practicing and uploaded the video to social media. They had no idea what this would mean for the family.

The video quickly gained viral infamy, being noticed not only by Tendulkar, but other cricketing greats such as the late Shane Warne.

After seeing the boy in action, Tendulkar extended an invitation to his cricket training academy, all expenses included.

According the Shahid’s father, Shaikh Shamser, in an interview conducted with PTI:

"My son is five years old. His role model is Sachin Sir and it was his dream to see him. He wants to become a cricketer. Just to see him was his dream, but what Sachin Sir did, even a thank you is less."

How Shahid Went Viral

After his parents posted their initial video to Twitter, it was reshared by Austalian based channel, Fox Cricket. However, when the Tweet was reshared by the sporting powerhouse, they proceeded to tag former English cricket captain Michael Vaughan, Shane Warne and, naturally, Tendulkar.

This allowed the cricket star to witness Shahid in action. However, the buck didn’t stop there.

According to Shahid’s father:

"He [Tendulkar] took us to the academy where Shahid trained for five days along with other activities including swimming. We have also been given a routine and a schedule, which we follow at home."

This will ensure the little cricket super star will grow into the sportsman he almost certainly will be.

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