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Online Roulette FAQs

Yes, you can. There are multiple roulette betting strategies that you can arguably use to enhance your chances of winning in the short term. However, mathematical calculations clearly show that the casino always gets the upper hand in the long run.

As most casinos do not offer no deposit bonuses on Roulette, your best option is to play in demo mode. However, keep in mind that the most popular Roulette games are live casino games that are not available in demo mode.

As long as you play with the casinos listed on our site, you have nothing to worry about. We only list verified casinos with games from licensed software providers that are regularly tested by licensing bodies and independent third parties that ensure the RNG (Random Number Generator)engines are working correctly and that all game results are fair and random.

French Roulette has the lowest house edge, set at 1.35%.

We can highly recommend Namaste Roulette from Ezugi and Betway's exclusive Bollywood Roulette Live. Both games have Indian themes and are available in Hindi.

It is impossible to say as it depends on your goals, bankroll and betting strategy. Even bets such as Odd or Even, Black or Red and High or Low are the safest bets in Roulette. These bets have close to a 50% winning probability. However, these bets have much lower payout ratios than Inside bets.

You find them at We work diligently to keep you updated with the latest bonuses and Indian casino sites with top Roulette games.

Play Free Roulette

We have listed the best Roulette variants available in demo mode. However, these games do not give a fair representation of the excellent game selection available.

The best Roulette variants are unquestionably live dealer games, but unfortunately, these games cannot be played in demo mode.

If you want to play the best Roulette games, we suggest you explore casinos with live casino games from Ezugi and Evolution Gaming - two industry-leading software developers offering brilliant Roulette games tailored to the Indian market.

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Types of Online Roulette Games at Indian Casinos

French Roulette

French Roulette is the most lucrative Roulette variant. The game has 36 numbers and a single zero, which makes for 37 pockets on the wheel.

Furthermore, this variant has two unique rules that distinguish it from other Roulette variants.

These are called the la partage and en prison rules, and here is how they work:

  • La partage – When you lose an Outside bet because the ball landed in the zero pocket, you are refunded half your bet.
  • En Prison – This rule offers you a chance to win back money you have lost on an Outside bet when the ball lands in the zero pocket. The bet stays in the same spot, and if you win, your bet is refunded.
  • What makes these rules special is that they reduce the house edge on Even bets from 2.70% to a mere 1.35%.

    JungleRaja CasinoIN players ACCEPTED at JungleRaja Casino
    ₹500 No Deposit Bonus. Use code: B500B

    American Roulette

    The American Roulette wheel has an extra pocket with double-zero digits, increasing the house edge to 5.3%. Moreover, numbers pockets are placed differently, and even the table layout is different from European and French Roulette.

    Lastly, American Roulette does not have the En prison and La Partage rules, and you play with differently coloured chips, so you quickly identify your bets.

    Rabona CasinoIN players ACCEPTED at Rabona Casino
    100% up to $2000 Match Bonus + 200 free spins on Slots

    European Roulette

    European Roulette is pretty much identical to French Roulette. The only difference is that it does not have the La partage and En prison rules, and therefore, has a house edge of 2.7%.

    PlayZee CasinoIN players NOT ACCEPTED at PlayZee Casino
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    Other Roulette Variants

    In addition to the traditional variants we have mentioned, there are alternative Roulette games such as Auto Roulette, Speed Roulette and slightly more unconventional variants such as Lightning Roulette. These variants are all based on traditional Roulette but have additional features that arguably make for an even more exciting gaming experience.

    Live Dealer Roulette

    Live Roulette is unquestionably the most popular and versatile category of online Roulette games.

    These games are streamed in HD quality from state-of-the-art TV studios and closely replicate the experience you get at a top-class land-based casino.

    Industry-leading game developers such as Evolution Gaming and Ezugi offer comprehensive game suites comprising classic Roulette variants, high stakes VIP tables and innovative versions that bring something new to this popular table game.

    Play Hindi Roulette Games

    If you want to play Indian-themed Roulette games in Hindi, you must check out Ezugi's gam suite. In March 2021, Ezugi opened a brand-new live-streaming studio in Malta to offer live casino games tailored to the Indian market.

    Among these games, you will find Namaste Roulette which is an Indian-themed Roulette table. Ezugi also offers several of its other Roulette variants in Hindi.

    We can also highly recommend Betway's custom-made Bollywood Live Roulette, which has been developed in partnership with Evolution Gaming. This live dealer game is part of Betway's exclusive Bollywood series - an exclusive game suite comprising popular table games available in Hindi and hosted by Indian dealers.

    JeetWin CasinoIN players ACCEPTED at JeetWin Casino
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    Betway CasinoIN players ACCEPTED at Betway Casino
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    Top Online Roulette Software Providers

    As the industry's leading live casino game manufacturer, Evolution Gaming offers a vast selection of Roulette games. The company's impressive game suite comprises several traditional Roulette versions and ground-breaking innovative variants such as Lightning Roulette and Immersive Roulette.

    Ezugi is an excellent software provider that has taken an interest in the Indian market. The company launched an Indian-themed streaming facility in March 2021 and offers several Roulette variants available in Hindi.

    How to Play Roulette Online at Indian Online Casinos

    Roulette is very straightforward. When you have placed your bets, the croupier spins the wheel and throws in a small ball.

    The number the ball lands on is the winning number. If your bet includes this number, you are paid according to the game's payout structure.

    To play Roulette properly, you must know what kinds of bets you can place, along with their respective payout ratios and odds. It is also best to be familiar with Roulette terminology so you know what is going on at the table.

    Bets and Payout Structure

    There are two types of bets in Roulette - Inside Bets and Outside bets.

    You can easily recognise these bets by how they are laid out on the Roulette table:

    Inside Bets

    Inside bets are the most lucrative in terms of payout ratios.

    Here is a summary of all the various inside bets and their respective payouts:

    BetDefinitionPayout RatioOdds in American RouletteOdds in European/French Roulette
    Straight / Single BetA bet on a single number35:1 in European and French Roulette, and 36:1 in American Roulette and European Roulette.2.70%2.60%
    Split BetBet on two adjacent numbers17:15.26%5.41%
    Street BetA bet on three consecutive numbers. E.g 9-10-1111:117.89%8.11%
    Corner/Square BetA bet on four numbers that meet in their corners. E.g 10-11-13 and 14.8:110.5%10.8%
    Top Line Bet/ Five number BetA bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3.6:113.5%Not applicable
    Six Line/Double Street BetA bet on six consecutive numbers that form two horizontal lines across the table. E.g 31, 32, 33, 34, 35 and 36.5:115.8%16.2%

    Here is how you place Inside bets on the Roulette table:

    Inside Bets - Image 1
    • Split bet - The chip is placed between two numbers. In this example, you bet on 2 and 5.
    • Street bet -The chip is placed at the edge line at the end of the row, indicating that you are betting on all three numbers of a horizontal line. In this example, you bet on 7, 8 and 9.
    • Corner Bet - The chip is placed in the middle of four numbers that meet at their corners. In this example, you bet on 8,9, 11 and 12.
    • Topline bet - The chip is placed at the bottom corner of 1, right on the edge line between 1 and 0. You thus bet on 0,00,1,2 and 3.
    • Six-line bet - The chip is placed at the intersection of the edge line between two rows, indicating that you are betting on two adjacent horizontal rows. In this example, you are betting on 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

    Outside Bets

    These bets have lower payout ratios than inside bets. In return, they give you better odds as you are betting on a lot more numbers. Outside bets are often called Even bets.

    These are the different outside bets with their respective payout ratios and odds:

    BetDefinitionPayout RatioOdds in American RouletteOdds in European/French Roulette
    Odd/evenBet on all even or add numbers1:147.37%48.65%
    High/LowBet on whether your selected number will fall in the low range (1-18) or high range (19-36).1:147.37%48.65%
    ColumnsBet on one of three 12-number columns that span the longest side of the table.2:131.6%32.4%
    Dozens (1st , 2nd and 3rd)A bet that covers a dozen numbers. You can bet on 1-12, 13-24 or 25-36. These numbers are referred to as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dozen.2:131.6%32.4%
    Red/BlackBet on all red or black numbers1:147.37%48.65%

    How you place Outside bets on the Roulette table:

    Outside Bets - Image 1
    • Dozens - The chip is placed in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd 12.
    • Low/High - The chip is placed in 1 to 18 (low) or 19-36 (high).
    • Even/Odd - The chip is placed in Odd or Even.
    • Red/Black - The chip is placed on Red or Black.

    French Bets

    French bets mainly apply to French Roulette. However, you can sometimes find these bets in European and American variants as well.

    French bets are sequences of numbers located close to each other on the Roulette table. They are offered as additional bets to the Inside and Outside bets.

    When placing french bets, you are betting that the ball will land in a specific section of the wheel, and you place these bets in the racetrack section of the table.

    French bets are often referred to as Call bets because players usually call them out to the croupier in a live setting.

    These are the different French bets:

    French Bets - Image 1
    French Bets - Image 3

    Voisins du Zéro (neighbours of zero)

    This bet series covers all 17 numbers that are located between 22 and 25 on the Roulette wheel. As such, it includes the following numbers:

    22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25.

    The Voisins du Zéro bet costs nine chips and is a combination of the following Inside bets:

    • Two chips on the 0-2-3 trio
    • One chip on the 4-7 split
    • One chip on 12-15
    • One chip on 18-21
    • One chip 19-22
    • Two chips on the 25-26-28-29 corner
    • One chip on 32-35

    A Voisins du Zéro bet has a payout ratio of 11:1.

    Le tiers du Cylindre (Third of the wheel)

    You bet on the 12 numbers placed between 27 and 33. The bet includes the following numbers:

    27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33.

    To place a Le tiers du Cylindre bet, you must place six chips on the following Split bets:

    • 5-8,
    • 10-11
    • 13-16
    • 23-24
    • 27-30
    • 33-36

    Le tiers du Cylindre bets have a payout ratio of 17:1.

    Orphelins (Orphans)

    This bet covers the two sections that are not included in the Voisins du Zéro and Le tiers du Cylindre bets. It thus comprises the following numbers:

    17, 34, 6, 1, 20, 14, 31 and 9.

    To place this bet, you need five chips placed on four Split bets and one Straight bet. Here are the five Inside bets included in an Orphelins bet:

    • A Split bet on 6 and 9
    • A Split bet on 14 and 17
    • A Split bet on 17 and 20
    • A Split bet on 31 and 34
    • A Straight bet on 1

    An Orphelins bet has a payout ratio of 17:1.

    Jeu zéro (Zero Game)

    This bet is also known as zero Spiel, which is German for "zero game". As its name implies, this bet includes numbers close to the zero.

    All numbers are included in the Voisins du Zéro bet, but they are placed differently with this bet. These numbers are included in the Jeu zero bet:


    This bet costs you four chips and consists of these four Inside bets:

    • A Split bet on 0 and 3
    • A Split bet on 12 and 15
    • A Split bet on 32 and 35
    • A Straight bet on 26

    A Jeu zero bet has a payout ratio of 11:1.

    Neighbours Bet

    You net on one number and its four neighbours on the wheel. The term "neighbours" refers to the two numbers to the right and left of your chosen number. Your bet is evenly divided between the five numbers, and each number has a payout ratio of 35:1.

    How to Win at Roulette - Using a Roulette Strategy

    Although online Roulette is a game of chance, betting strategies can arguably increase your winning odds in the short term.

    However, numerous mathematical studies show that the house always gets the upper hand in the long run.

    Nonetheless, here are the most popular Roulette betting strategies:

    We can divide Roulette betting strategies into two categories:

    Progressive Strategies - These are strategies designed for Outside bets with close to a 50% winning probability. For example, bets on Black/Red or Odd/Even. The Martingale and James Bond systems are both progressive strategies.

    Flat Progression Strategies - These strategies apply to Inside bets that yield less frequent wins but significantly larger payouts. The famous D'Alembert system is an excellent example of a flat progression betting system.

    The Martingale system

    In the Martingale betting system, you double your stake after every loss.

    To use this strategy efficiently, you must place Outside bets with a high win probability of 50%. These are the bets you can place with the Martingale strategy:

    Here is how you apply the Martingale betting system:

    The Reverse Martingale System

    As the name implies, this betting strategy reverses the Martingale system. Rather than doubling your bet after every loss, you double it after every win.

    This betting strategy is based on the hypothesis that wins and losses occur in streaks. Since it is not as risky as the Martingale system, it is also considered a suitable strategy for beginners.

    Because you are betting small amounts during your losing streaks, you stretch your bankroll longer and avoid massive instant losses. The idea is that you recover these losses by betting big during a winning streak.

    The D'Alembert System

    The D'Alembert strategy is similar Martingale system, but with a much less aggressive doubling down. Instead of doubling your stake, you gradually increase and decrease it as you win and lose.

    Similar to the Martingale system, this betting strategy applies to bets with a winning probability close to 50%.

    This is how you play with the D'Alembert betting strategy:

    As you can probably tell, the D'Alembert is a low-risk betting strategy that does not yield any substantial instant wins. However, it is arguably also the safest betting strategy of all the ones we have mentioned.

    The James Bond System

    The James Bond strategy is a flat betting system, which means you wager the same amount on every round. However, you could apply progressive betting to this strategy.

    In the James Bond betting strategy, you place a bet series worth ₹1,480 on every round. The bet series comprises these bets:

    By placing these bets, you will win on 25 of the numbers and lose on 12. Here are the different payouts:

    At first glance, this might seem like a waterproof betting strategy as it yields a profit on most numbers. However, by running a few tests, we clearly see that this strategy puts you at a deficit in the long run.

    If you play 37 spins and hit each number once, the results would be as follows:

    BetsTimesTotal Profit
    Winning Single bet on 01₹1,190
    Winning Line bets on 13-186₹4,464
    Winning on 19-3618₹10,714
    Losing $20 bets on 1-1212₹-17,857
    Total profit₹-1,488

    You are very unlikely to hit 37 different numbers on 27 spins depending on how the chips fall; you can either win or lose more.

    What this example shows you is that you can expect to lose ₹1,488 every 37 spins. The reasonably high stakes also make it hard to recover losses after a long losing streak.

    Roulette Betting

    The Fibonacci System

    This is a betting strategy named after the Italian 13th-century mathematician Leonardo Pisano, also known as Fibonacci.

    Leonardo studied Indian and Arabic mathematical systems and introduced Europe to what has become known as the Fibonacci sequence.

    In the Fibonacci sequence, each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers in the sequence.

    This example illustrates the Fibonacci sequence:

    0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34

    To use the Fibonacci system, you must place Outside bets with a winning probability close to 50%.

    Here are the bets you can place when using the Fibonacci strategy:

    To effectively use the Fibonacci betting system, you must follow these two principles:

    Here is an example illustrating the Fibonacci strategy over ten bets:

    RoundBet SizeWinLoseNet Profit/Loss

    As the chart illustrates, you are only at a -₹75 after ten bets, out of which seven were losses.

    The Labouchere System

    Like many other betting systems we have mentioned, the Labouchere system requires you to place even bets with a winning probability close to 50%.

    These are the bets you can place:

    The Labouchere strategy is similar to the Fibonacci strategy in that it uses a number sequence. However, with this strategy, you create the sequence yourself.

    To accurately use and explain this strategy, we must use American dollars. Start by deciding how much you intend to win, and then create a sequence accordingly.

    If your goal is to win $10 (₹740), you can create a sequence looking something like this:


    At the start of the game, you add the leftmost and rightmost numbers to determine your bet size. If you were to use the sequence above, you would bet $2 on your first spin, as the first and last numbers are 1 and 2.

    When you win, you cross the numbers out from the sequence and use the next two numbers in the subsequent spin.

    This means your second spin would follow this sequence:


    You would then bet $3 on your second spin, as the leftmost and rightmost numbers in the sequence are 1 and 2. You then repeat this process after every winning spin until there are no numbers left in your sequence. You can then create a new sequence and start all over again.

    In a nutshell, the Labouchere system follows these two principles:

    If you win as much as you lose and do not hit a lengthy losing streak in the middle of your gaming session, the Labouchere system will ensure that you make a profit.


    As the chart shows, the Labouchere betting system may leave you with a profit when you have as many wins as you have losses.

    However, the final outcome will depend on your sequence and the length of your winning and losing streaks.

    Playing Online Roulette Games on Mobile

    When you play with our recommended casinos, you get an excellent gaming experience irrespective of what device or web browser you are using.

    You can claim all exclusive bonuses from your tablet or smartphone and enjoy the same game selection you would on a desktop computer.

    However, some of these casinos have user interfaces that are exceptionally well-suited for smaller screens.

    These are our top-rated mobile casinos with Roulette games:

    Match Bonus
    • Wagering: 35x Bonus Wager
    • Min Deposit: ₹1000
    • Games: Pokies, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Poker
    Match Bonus
    • Wagering: 70x Bonus Wager
    • Min Deposit: ₹1000
    • Games: Pokies, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Poker, Scratch Cards, Keno
    Match Bonus
    • Wagering: 70x Bonus Wager
    • Min Deposit: ₹1000
    • Games: Pokies, Video Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Casino Poker, Scratch Cards, Keno

    Discover Popular Indian Casino Games

    As you may already know, India has its own traditional card games with a rich history and cultural significance.

    If you enjoy our local favourites, you will be delighted to know that world-leading software developers offer excellent live dealer versions of these games, allowing you to play in real-time and interact with Indian dealers.

    Teen Patti

    Teen Patti is a card game that originated in India and spread throughout South Asia.

    Teen Patti is Hindi for 'three cards', and the objective is to make the best three-card hand or have fellow players fold. The game is similar to the 3 Card Brag and Poker and is played with a 52-card deck without jokers.

    Traditionally, Teen Patti is played by three to six players, but when you are playing online, you play against a dealer.

    Andar Bahar

    Andar Bahar is one of India's most popular card games. The game arguably originated in Bangalore, South India, but quickly spread across the country and the world.

    In India, Andar Bahar is played in the streets and informal game rooms, and the game's simple rules and 50% winning probability make it suitable for friend and family gatherings.

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