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All Indian online casino players would have heard of the term "Responsible Gambling". The Responsible Gambling Policy is nothing but a set of mantras that prevent you from getting addicted to gambling. It assumes importance because it has become very easy for Indians to gamble at online casinos. You can open an account with any online casino in a minute and instantly make deposits. When you run out of funds, replenishment is also instantaneous. Responsible gambling acts like a speed breaker that moderates the pace at which you deposit and play.

In this comprehensive article we will cover the following topics.

Responsible Gambling Policy in India

The Government of India does not have any stated policy or guidelines on Responsible Gambling. However, most of the online casinos that allow access to players from India are licensed by reputed regulatory agencies like the Malta Gaming Authority, Alderney Gambling Control Commission and Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. As a requirement of their licensing conditions, these online casinos inform players and potential players about Responsible Gambling through a dedicated page on their website.

We have studied this subject thoroughly and in the following sections we present all that you need to know about gambling responsibly. We yet urge you to go through the Responsible Gambling section of each Indian online casino before you sign up.

The Basis of Responsible Gambling Policy

We have said it a thousand times and yet we never tire of repeating it: "Treat gambling as a form of entertainment and never as a source of income". This establishes the intent behind gambling responsibly and is the first parameter. The other two that lead from it are the money spent on gambling and time spent on gambling.

We shall discuss each of them in some detail:


Every month, when you work out your entertainment budget for movies, eating out, sports, and more, set a part of it for online casino gambling. What percent you allocate to gambling depends on the importance it holds compared to other forms of entertainment. Since gambling is not to be a source of income, do not gamble to pay off loans and do not gamble to fund a holiday. Enjoy your gambling whether you are winning or losing. If you end a session in a loss, do not go for a few bets more to recover your losses. Treat it as money spent to have a good time.

There are a few corollaries that stem from treating online casino gambling as a form of entertainment.

  • There are forms of entertainment prohibited for minors in India and online casino gambling is one of them. If you have children at home then you must ensure that they do not get access to your online casino account. You should always log out at the end of each session and also install parental control software.
  • Do not gamble when you are not mentally alert, because you will not have fun anyway. Some common instances when you should not gamble are when you are tired and after you have had more drinks than usual.


Once you have set your monthly budget, divide it over the number of sessions that you aim to play. You can have a larger share for longer sessions over the weekend. The critical aspect is that once the allotted amount has been spent, you log out without making a fresh deposit. If you win then treat that as a bonus. You can add to your savings for use in time of need or you can splurge with your family and friends, may be a bit of both, but do not add it to your gambling budget. Getting used to playing with your winnings is not a good sign. There will be times when you lose and then the non-availability of funds will push you towards gambling addiction. An effective precaution is to withdraw your winnings at the end of a session so that you are not tempted to log in before your next scheduled visit to the online casino.

Not many Indian players do this, but it needs to be said for the sake of completion. Do not borrow money to feed your gambling habit. The only thing worse than creating debt for gambling is stealing money to play at online casinos. If there is a shortfall in your income for any reason, cut your entertainment budget, but do not make up the deficit through other means. The only time you can increase the amount spent on gambling is when your income increases on a sustained basis.


Just as you set money limits to a session, you have to set time limits as well and adhere to them. If you do not inculcate this practice, you will keep spending more time at the Indian online casinos without even realising it. If that happens then time spent with family and friends will start decreasing and you may actually ignore them when they need you. As soon as your set time limit for a gambling session is over, log out immediately even if you have not used up your money budget.

Gambling sessions are not sacrosanct. If you have to bring work home or your children need help with an assignment then do not hesitate to cancel your gambling session.

What Are the Tell-Tale Signs of Problem Gambling Behaviour?

Though only a very small percent of Indian players succumbs to problem gambling, you could be in that small minority. Also, gambling addiction does not give any advance notice and players find themselves steeped in it before they realise it. This can be avoided by constantly assessing your gambling behaviour. At all our recommended Indian casinos, you will find a questionnaire in the Responsible Gambling page. If you answer "yes" to any question then you need to immediately take corrective steps.

We have listed the most common questions below:

Responsible Gambling Facilities at Indian Online Casinos

While the bulk of the onus for gambling in a responsible manner is on you, the Indian online casinos play their part as well. Applicant players are put through a strict KYC verification and those that are underage are not permitted to register. You will also have to provide proof of your identity and address during the sign up process. This weeds out imposters using stolen identities.

Beyond this, Indian online casinos provide useful tools that will help you in gambling responsibly. The exact processes for activating these tools will vary from one casino to another. Usually, they will be available in the Responsible Gambling section or can be obtained by contacting customer support.

Some tools include:

View Session Details

We have already emphasised that you must adhere to decided money and time limits, but in the excitement of the moment you may forget to keep track. The online casinos will prominently display the duration of the session on your screen, as well as the amount wagered and lost/won.

Do the Self-Assessment Test

We have discussed this aspect as well. Each Indian online casino provides a check list on its Responsible Gambling page. You must take this test every three months without fail. Please keep in mind that this test will be useful only if you are totally honest with yourself. If the answer to any question is "yes", then you must share this with your family and must seek professional help.

Set Your Deposit Limits

Online casinos are required to set maximum deposit limits, but these have to keep high rollers in mind. Especially if you are a new player, you may want smaller maximum deposit limits commensurate with your bankroll. Indian Online casinos allow players to set maximum deposit limits and will not allow you to deposit more than that.

Self-Exclude if you Have to

If you feel that your gambling habit is going out of control, immediately self-exclude from all Indian online casinos that you are registered at. You basically inform the online casino that you do not want to play for a period that may range from three months to a year. The online casino will not allow you to log in during the exclusion period.

Responsible Gambling Assistance from Indian Professional Organisations

We suggest that you contact a professional gambling addiction assistance organisation as soon as you feel that you are unable to control your gambling habit. The sooner you take this step, the financial and social travails will be less and you will recover quicker and more completely. In this section we acquaint you with some of the best gambling rehabilitation organisations in India. You can be assured that your privacy will be protected.

The list of organisations that can help include:

Hope Care India

Hope Care is an organisation that assists in different addiction issues and other mental problems as well. The psychiatrists and therapists are trained to treat gambling addiction and offer personalised service because each case is unique.

Alpha Healing Centre

Alpha Healing Centre offers a variety of treatments for gambling addiction, that can be divided in to outpatient and residential. The exact treatment will be prescribed after the medical team assesses your needs. is a web portal that lists reputed gambling addiction assistance agencies across India. They have been rated by users and you can pick one close to your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

The question cannot be answered by specifying an amount because incomes differ. If you have a large surplus left after providing for essentials then you can bet more. The way we look at it is that the amount you spend on gambling should be so small that it will not impact your life and family in any way.

Gambling addiction is a disease that creeps up on you. Today you are betting very small amounts, but if you happen to be inflicted, then these amounts will slowly increase over time without your realising it. Put gambling as a separate head in your expense sheet and keep track of how much you gamble every month. If this amount is increasing then you need to take preventive action.

There are many kinds and the choice depends on the severity of the problem. Therapy can be online or in person. It can be individual or in a group. In extreme cases admission to the treatment centre and suitable medication may be required.

Do not play at that online casino under any circumstances.

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