Illegal Casino Busted In Farm House

Anil Panesar - Senior WriterAnil Panesar - 29 December 2022 in News
Icc News Article Week 52 2022

Another illegal casino has been busted by Noida police. This operation was running out of a farmhouse in Gautam Buddh Nagar. A string of high-end figures was arrested, and numerous assets were seized. Read on below for the full story.

How The Illegal Casino Was Formed

Of the thirteen arrested, one man was found to be the head of the operation. Kushal Keshwani, a resident of Pune, had been the manager of the farmhouse for a considerable time. During which, he facilitated the casino and opened his doors to punters and bookies across India. Of the thirteen arrested this past week, five were employees of MNC.

The casino was run over weekends. According to the arrested, it was reported that it had been operational for a long time before the raid. People flocked to the casino every weekend to gamble. A considerable number of female betters were regular patrons as well.

Keshwani used to spread the word about his underground casino via conventional message systems. He would send encrypted text messages to potential players via WhatsApp and Telegram. This spread the word about his casino and drew players from various states.

How The Seize Happened

Whilst on patrol in a nearby area, the Noida police received a tip-off about the illegal farmhouse. Upon the information, the team raided the location. When the police arrived, they seized numerous casino paraphernalia. This stash included various casino tables, croupier sticks, and coin tokens. The police also seized all the arrested members' mobile phones.

The police only recovered Rs 30,000. This was attributed to the fact that most of the casino’s bets were placed electronically and directly into the patrons’ accounts.

Where To From Here

Now that the farmhouse’s illegal operations have been shut down, the police intend to be vigilant within the area. It is reported that they will search the other surrounding farmhouses. They will also increase the patrol in the area for the foreseeable future.

Keshwani and his fellow accused appeared in court on Sunday evening. Keshwani has been sentenced and has subsequently been sent to jail.

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